Where to Start Onimai Manga after anime?

If you can’t wait for Onimai: I’m Now Your Sister Season 2 and want to know where to start Onimai manga watching the anime to satisfy your curiosity then you have reached the right place.

Onimai follows the story of Mahiro Oyama, a hopeless otaku who lives with his younger scientist sister. One day he wakes up as a young girl, as a result of one of her experiments and now has to learn to live like a girl.

Studio BIND animated the anime’s first season, officially running for 12 episodes from January 5, 2023, to March 23, 2023, on various local networks in Japan.

For those who have already watched all the current episodes of the anime series and the anime movie and are interested in the following story, here is the guide to enjoy the rest of the story in the manga. Check out where the Onii-chan wa Oshimai anime ends in the manga.

Where Does The Onimai Anime End In The Manga?

onimai manga after anime

If you finished the Onimai anime and want to pick up the manga, you can start from Chapter 39.

However, do note that the anime jumps all over the chapters and doesn’t adapt the chapters of the manga in the same order as they are released.

Each episode consists of various chapters, and the anime jumps all over the place, sometimes even adding its own original content.

The furthest they adapted was till chapter 38 of volume 4 while the season finale adapted chapters 17 and 18.

Moreover, they skipped over all these chapters 4, 5.5, 8, 8.5, 10.5, 18.5, 19, 20.5, 24.5, 32, 32.5.

So I will suggest you to start right from the first chapter if you want to fully experience this manga.

What happens after the anime?

Onimai manga sales and profit

When the new school year began, Mahrio got to meet several new girls in her class. One girl in particular, Nayuta, stood out to Mahiro more so than the others. This is because she referred to herself with male pronouns and male designations. She also seemed to indicate that she knows that Mahiro was born male, but transformed into an atomically correct girl by means of a wonder drug.

These circumstances and understandings brought Mahiro and Nayuta close together immediately. Nayuta was also quickly accepted into the social circle that Mahiro belonged to, which included Momiji, Miyo-chan, and others.

The girls are in class together, eat lunch together, and socialize during and after school together. So it is no surprise that on the day of the girls’ physical examinations, the group go through the routines together. However, Mahiro is in for a surprise, when she is leaving the Infirmary at the same time as Nayuta is entering it.

Is Onimai manga still ongoing?

Onimai anime is based on the manga written and drawn by Nekotofu.

It started serialization online on the Pixiv website in November 2017 and was later transferred to Ichijinsha’s Monthly Comic Rex magazine in April 2019.

The first volume of the manga was released on June 27, 2018, and the latest issue came out on January 7, 2023.

total of 8 volumes have been released so far, and the manga is still ongoing.

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