[ad_1] World Sleep Day: Apps that can help you track your sleep

World Sleep Day: Apps that can help you track your sleep

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Mar 17, 2023

Better Sleep: Sleep tracker

BetterSleep app helps users understand and improve sleep with features like sleep tracking, premium sleep sounds and guided content curated just for you.

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Sleep Cycle: Sleep tracker

Sleep Cycle can track sleep from bedtime to morning, and delivers detailed analysis with the app that makes waking up in the morning just that bit easier. The offers both free and premium subscriptions.

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​Sleep Monitor: Sleep Tracker

Sleep Monitor helps users track and record sleep cycle details. The app also has a smart alarm clock that reminds users to sleep early at night and wake up in the morning. In addition, Sleep Monitor provides relaxing sleep music to help you sleep better.

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Sleep as Android: Smart alarm

Sleep as AndroidWearables app can be paired with Pixel Watch, Galaxy Watch, Wear OS, Galaxy/Gear (Tizen), Garmin (ConnectIQ), Mi Band Amazfit Zepp (needs 3rd party app), Polar (H10, OH10, Sense), FitBit (Ionic, Sense, Versa), PineTime, and Pebble. The app features a series of alarm tasks called CAPCTHA which make sure you do not oversleep.

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Sleepzy: Sleep Cycle Tracker

The sleep monitor app works as a smart alarm clock and sleep tracker that wakes you at the optimal time, gives nightly statistics, and detects snoring. It helps sleep better, monitor your behavior, and create healthy habits and overall wellness.

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Sleep Time: Cycle Alarm Timer

Sleep Time app helps you to calculate when to wake up or fall asleep to sleep efficiently and wake up feeling great. The app has a simple material design build for speed and efficiency

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Google Fit: Activity Tracking

Google Fit is a health-tracking platform developed by Google for the users running Android , Wear OS and Apple Inc.'s iOS. As the title reads, the apps has multiple health tracking features that helps users keep a tab on their health.

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Samsung Health

Samsung Health is a free application developed by Samsung that serves to track various aspects of daily life contributing to well being such as physical activity, diet, and sleep

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