What To Do During An Earthquake What To Do During An Earthquake

What To Do During An Earthquake

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By Ada Kohli
Published March 22, 2023

Hindustan Times


Here are some basic guidelines and safety tips issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for what to do in case of an earthquake

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Drop, Cover, Hold

According to the guidelines issued by the CDC, one must drop down onto their hands and knees, cover their head and neck and hold on to shelter till the tremors stop

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If You Are Inside, Stay Inside

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Running to other rooms or going outside can increase your risk of injury. Stay inside and grab something to protect and shield your head or hide under a table

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If You Are Moving Out, Use The Stairs

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In case you are moving out of your house, do not use the elevators as there can be a power cut and you will be stuck inside. Instead, use the stairs

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If You Are Outside, Stay Outside

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Find an open area and try to stay away from buildings, gas lines, utility wires, etc. Find an open and empty space

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In Case You Can Not Drop To The Ground

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In case of senior citizens or persons with disabilities or injuries who can not bend down, protect your head with pillows or books and stay away from the walls and windows

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