[ad_1] Ways To Keep Your Lipstick On For Longer

Ways To Keep Your Lipstick On For Longer

Beauty and Wellness

By Ada Kohli
Published March 17, 2023

Hindustan Times


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Tired of re-applying your lipstick throughout the day?

Here are some ways to keep your lipstick on for longer

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Use A Lip Primer

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Use a lip primer before applying your lipstick. It helps provide a better grip on your lips and makes your lipstick last longer

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Blot Then Powder

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After applying lipstick, blot off the excess lip colour using tissue paper. Then dab some lip powder through the tissue to set your lipstick in place

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Use Matte Lipsticks

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Matte lipsticks are high in pigment and low in moisture and therefore last longer

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Avoid Oily Foods

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The oil left on your lips from oily foods breaks down your lipstick by acting as an oil-based makeup remover. Thus, avoid oily foods when you want your lipstick to last longer

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