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Mar 21, 2023

Tips to become a responsible tourist

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Buying locally

Where you choose to spend your money when it comes to eating, sleeping, and purchasing souvenirs can have a significant impact on the neighbourhood.

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Dont give money to beggars

it's crucial to keep in mind that begging only serves to embolden locals to keep requesting donations from tourists. As a result, many places have beggars who pretend to be in worse shape than they actually are in order to extort money from tourists.

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Encourage Others to Travel Responsibly

Some people may naturally gravitate towards responsible travel, but others may simply be unaware of the potential repercussions of their behaviour while they are travelling.

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Investigate less-traveled areas

People wanting to see the same sights is one reason "overtourism" happens. There are notable attractions to see when visiting cities; of course, you'll want to see these and we want you to as well. However, consider the hidden gems that can be found off the beaten path.

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Observe the culture of the area

Learning about other cultures and religions is one of the greatest benefits of travelling.

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Reduce Your Waste

In most developing nations, waste management can be a significant problem, and we travellers frequently unknowingly exacerbate this issue.

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Respect nature

Leave things alone, don't take a starfish or a seashell home, and above all, don't feed or otherwise disturb the habitat of wild animals.

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