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Mar 23, 2023

This country is spending Rs 53 cr on breakups

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New Zealand

New Zealand is the first country where the government has launched a campaign to help young people devastated by breakups.

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A campaign called 'Love Batter' is being conducted to save youth between 16 and 24 years from depression.

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The initial budget for this has been kept at 6.4 lakh dollars (about 53 crore rupees).

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​Love Batter​

Young people who are angry about a breakup can contact Youthline by text, phone or email.

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​The person behind the idea

Indian-origin minister Priyanka Radhakrishnan planned the campaign and launched it in Auckland.

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Why this campaign?

Development Minister Priyanka Radhakrishnan said – the youth are the future of the country. If they harm themselves, the country will ultimately be harmed.

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​​How to help youth

Priyanka said, "we will help young people go through breakup situation with the help of videos, texts, or podcasts. During the healing period, people who have gone through this stage also give tips to youngsters to avoid depression. A 40-point program has been taken for this.

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The first government-funded campaign in the world aims to train teenagers to become a responsible family member and not indulge in any form of domestic violence.

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​Last year​

According to Cantor Research Group study on young breakup victims in New Zealand, 80% of young people aged 16 to 24 are in a relationship. 87% of them are the victims of breakups. Most of them harm themselves in various ways.

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