[ad_1] There may be 'good news' coming for H-1B workers

There may be 'good news' coming for H-1B workers

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Mar 15, 2023

Current grace period

The existing timeline is 60 days.

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New grace period

The advisory sub-committee has recommended the grace period to be extended to 180 days.

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Why more time

The advisory sub-committee says that this will give these laid off workers enough opportunities to find a new job or other alternatives.

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Massive job cuts

Thousands of highly skilled foreign-born workers, including Indians, in the US, have lost their jobs due to the series of recent layoffs at companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

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Struggle to find new jobs

They are now struggling to find new employment within the stipulated 60-day period under their work visas following the termination of their employment to stay in the country.

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Visa woes

The current 60-day grace period presents numerous hurdles, including finding a new job within a tight timeframe, complex paperwork for transferring H-1B status, and delays in processing at USCIS, he said.

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Shortage of skilled staff

The advisory committee told members that this may result in many H-1B workers being forced to leave the country which could result in a loss of skilled labour for the United States.

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Long interviews

Tech companies typically conduct four to five rounds of interviews, which may take several weeks before a candidate is offered a job.

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Large number of Indian IT pros lost jobs

As per industry insiders, between 30 to 40 percent of employees laid off are Indian IT professionals, a significant number of whom are on H-1B and L1 visas.

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