The Conjuring to Aftermath: Top horror movies to stream on Netflix this week

Sushmita Barik

Mar 18, 2023

The Conjuring

One of the scariest horror movie series of all time, The Conjuring is must watch


A physiological horror thriller,  Run is about a teenager who investigates her mother's dark secrets

Deliver Us From Evil

This is a supernatural horror movie in which evil forces wreak havoc in the city


A couple moves to a new house to save their marriage, but starts experiencing paranormal activities there

Ouija Board: Origin of Evil

Ouija Board: Origin of Evil is the first horror movie that is based on the board game

Gerald's Game

A man dies unexpectedly when he and his wife try to spice up their marriage, leaving the wife handcuffed

Under the Shadow

A mysterious evil begins to haunt a mother and daughter as they struggle to deal with the horror of post-revolutionary, war-torn Tehran in the 1980s