[ad_1] Tendulkar suggests two changes for making ODI cricket more interesting​

Tendulkar suggests two changes for making ODI cricket more interesting​

Mar 18, 2023

ET Online

Tendulkar on Sports Tak

​Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar aims to make cricket more entertaining, engaging, and result-oriented. While talking to Sports Tak he opined some of his thought on ODI cricket. Here are the changes he suggested:​

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New format

Tendulkar suggests that teams should alternate between batting and bowling after every 25 overs in ODI cricket to make it more interesting and give opponents a level playing ground.​

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Change in break time

​Commercially too, he said, it is more viable as there will be three innings breaks instead of two.

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Break the ODI monotonicity

He feels that the current format of two new balls per innings is getting monotonous and has eliminated the element of reverse swing, making it heavy on bowlers.​

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ODI is predictable: Sachin

The ODI 'game is becoming too predictable. From the 15th to the 40th over its losing its momentum. It's getting boring,' Tendulkar said.

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​On Test cricket​

Tendulkar said, Test cricket should be engaging and it should not be about how many days it lasts, five days or whatever. ​

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On the outcome

​He said sports should be result-oriented and everyone should go home knowing "who won, who lost".​

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Tendulkar on joining BCCI

Tendulkar jokingly says that he has never bowled so fast ever, unlike ex-BCCI president Sourav Ganguly. ​

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