[ad_1] Surprise! Top US dream college is not Harvard or Stanford. List here​

Surprise! Top US dream college is not Harvard or Stanford. List here​

Mar 18, 2023

ET Online

US students top dream college

According to the Princeton Review's annual College Hopes & Worries Survey, the top dream college for US students is not Harvard or Stanford. ​

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The survey

According to a survey conducted in 2023, 12,225 individuals from the United States were polled regarding their college preferences and concerns. Of the total respondents, 72% were students and 28% were parents. ​

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No 1 dream college

​The top dream college for US students is Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), followed by Harvard and Stanford.​

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Parents choice

On the other hand, parents prioritize their children's enrollment in Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, and New York University, with MIT being of lesser importance ranked fifth.​

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Students ranking

The University of Texas-Austin is listed at 10th, followed by the University of Michigan at 9th, Columbia University at 8th, University of Pennsylvania at 7th, Princeton University at 6th, the University of California at 5th, and NYU at 4th.​​

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On digital SAT

42% of individuals said it will be better test but 25% were concerned that the exam will become more difficult. The other either prefered to give ACT or not participate in any exams.

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Paying for college fees

The survey found that 99% of students and parents believed that college was worth the investment, despite the high cost.​

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Why these colleges?

46% believe that they will have better job opportunities and higher pay, 31% of them believe the degree will give exposure to new ideas and 23% of them solely enrol for education purposes.

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