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Secret chat in Telegram: What it is, how to create one

Mar 28, 2023

By: Priye Rai

Secret chats: How they are different

Secret chats are different from standard chats as the former offers end-to-end or client-client encryption. This makes sure that only the chat participants have access to the chat. These chats appear in green and with a lock icon next to the contact's name.

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How to create a secret chat

Launch the Telegram app and tap on the pencil button at the bottom-right.

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Select chat type

Tap on ‘New Secret Chat’.

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Select participant

Finally, choose the contact with whom you want to start a secret chat.

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Secret chats can’t be carried over

Messages in secret chats are only available on the device of origin and can’t be carried over to another phone even if the same account is logged in.

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Self-destruct timer

Once your secret chat is created, you can set a self-destruct timer for it. This means messages in the chat will automatically disappear after a certain time once they are ‘seen’.

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Can’t share secret chat messages

Secret chat messages can’t be forwarded to other users.

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Encryption key

Every secret chat has a unique encryption key as an added level of verification. The chat participants can match this key with each other to ensure their chat is secure.

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Standard chats are not ‘unsafe’

Despite not offering client-client encryption, standard chats are still protected via client-server and server-client encryption.

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