Revelations made by Ranbir Kapoor on a chat show

Priyamm Dangi

 Mar 19, 2023

Family values

Ranbir treasures his family values and would like to instill the same in his daughter, Raha

Doting daddy

Ranbir said that he is a master in making Raha burp and putting her to sleep

Not a fan of Uorfi Javed’s style

Ranbir said that he is not a very big fan of Uorfi Javed’s fashion choices; calls her style bad taste

Live-in relationship

Ranbir revealed that he was in a live-in relationship with Alia Bhatt, before they got married

Box office hit films

The actor prefers box office hit movies more than critically acclaimed films, as they cater to large diverse audiences

Karan Johar - the ‘gossipmonger’

According to Ranbir, Karan Johar was not happy about his reputation of a ‘gossipmonger’

Paparazzi culture

“I don’t want Raha to grow up and say that people are not clicking my pictures,” said Ranbir

Bullied in school

Ranbir also revealed that he got bullied for being an actor’s son in school