Abhishek Joshi       Mar 11, 2023

NASA Receives $27.2 Billion To Invest In Space Exploration

The US government has allotted a fresh funding to NASA as it intends to return to the Moon and planning to extend its exploration to Mars.

NASA will receive $27.2 billion from the White House for its research endeavours year 2023–2024.

The funds which is about 7% more than the previous year's budget by nearly $1.8 billion will be allocated once they have been authorised by the US Congress.

The proposed budget aims to build on the success of the Artemis I mission and pave the path for a long-term presence on the Moon.

Nasa said in a statement, "The budget allows us to monitor and protect the planet, advance sustainable aviation, better support orbital debris management, develop innovative new technologies, and inspire the Artemis Generation."

Nasa will spend $8.1 billion on lunar operations, including sending the Artemis-II mission to the Moon next year.

The Mars Sample Return mission, which will take rock and soil samples to Earth to help us better comprehend the solar system, has received $949 million in funding.

Although the United States faces stiff competition from China in Low Earth Orbit, Nasa hopes to keep its presence onboard the ageing Space Station until at least 2030.