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Mobile Games Index 2023: Stats and insights

May 26, 2023

By: Priye Rai

Mobile Games Index 2023

The Mobile Games Index 2023 report, from Adjoe and Statista, contains a variety of stats and insights related to the mobile gaming industry based on data from April 2022 to April 2023.

Source: Agencies

Daily gaming session on mobile

In 2022, the average daily mobile usage for gaming was 17.8 minutes – a 20% drop from the previous year.

Source: Agencies

Game categories which draw the longest sessions

The report revealed that ‘adventure’ is the most popular game category in terms of average daily sessions. It is followed by ‘card’ and ‘action’ games.

Source: Agencies

Mobile game downloads

The download counter for mobile games hit 119 billion in 2022. It is expected to touch 175 billion by 2028.

Source: Agencies

Most downloaded game genre

Of all the game downloads last year, ‘action’ accounted for 20% of the downloads.

Source: Agencies

Regions that game the most

Asia leads in mobile gaming with app usage reaching an average of 19 minutes per day. It is followed by Europe and Africa with averages of 18.1 minutes per day and 17.3 minutes per day, respectively.

Source: Agencies

Under-20 age group plays the longest

The source also revealed that those under 20 years of age played mobile games for an average of 18.4 minutes daily – the highest among all age groups. Their most played game category was ‘action’.

Source: Agencies

Women game more on mobile

As per the source, women engaged in mobile gaming for a daily average of 18.1 minutes. This was 4% more than the daily time spent by men – up from 1.4% from last year.

Source: Agencies

Asia generated the most revenue

Of all the game revenue generated, Asia accounted for 54% of the total income. It was followed by North America (33%) and Europe (10%).

Source: Agencies

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