Luxurious vacay spots where the Rupee will make you feel rich | EconomicTimesLuxurious vacay spots where the Rupee will make you feel rich
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Luxurious vacay spots where the Rupee will make you feel rich

Mar 24, 2023


1 INR= 184.45 Indonesian Rupiah. Enjoy Bali and Indonesia's clear blue waters, while splurging on luxurious villas and food. All without burning a hole in your pocket.

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1 INR= 285.88 Vietnamese Dong. One of the most popular tourist destinations that has diverse things to offer. From food to culture, enjoy Vietnam like a royal.

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1 INR= 49.39 Cambodian Riel. Rich history, beautiful islands and serene beaches of Cambodia can be enjoyed to the fullest by Indians without spending much.

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1 INR= 4.31 Hungarian Forint. Your dream Euro tour doesn't have to be expensive. Not only Budapest, Hungary boasts of rich history, culture, natural landscapes and of course, wine.

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Sri Lanka

1 INR= 3.92 Sri Lankan Rupee. Stunning landscapes, blue sea, breathtaking tea gardens - everything on a budget. Sri Lanka is popular among Indians especially because of the currency factor.

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South Korea

1 INR= 15.69 South Korean Won. Pretty cherry trees, hills, fishing villages, Buddhist temples and the highly contrasting Seoul make up for an ideal trip to South Korea for Indians.

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Costa Rica

1 INR= 6.56 Costa Rican Colón. Visit Costa Rica to dive into its rich biodiversity and beautiful landscape. Turn your Carribean dreams into reality on a budget here.

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1 INR= 87.26 Paraguayan Guarani. The South American land is a mix of Europe and Guarani Indian culture. There are forests, there is indegenous life, and there are upscale markets for you to explore.

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1 INR= 1.69 Icelandic Króna. Watching the northern lights and bathing in volcanic water will not be costly for you. Explore the unique Icelandic culture in luxury on your next international trip.

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