Listen to BTS singer Jin's solo songs when you miss him

Listen to BTS singer Jin's solo songs when you miss him 

Karen Noronha

 April 26, 2023

Missing Kim Seok-jin

Jin started his 18 months of military service on December 13, 2022

Listen to these songs

ARMY, if you are missing WWH (World Wide Handsome) Jin, listen to his solo songs

The Astronaut

This is a goodbye song and Jin showcases the relationship and bond between BTS and ARMY


This song sees Jin talk about self-worth and decide to create his own better future


Jin sings about feeling scared and trying to get past his insecurities and fly towards his goal 


Jin here speaks of the fear of losing someone dear to you


This sweet track shows Jin compare himself to the moon and fans, ARMY as the earth


Jin expresses his desire to be able to find someone out of the darkness


This OST for the Korean drama, 'Jirisan' expresses the emotions of the drama

Super Tuna

The not-so-deep lyrics makes it perfect for any time you need a good dose of laughter 

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