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Mar 17, 2023

BY: ET Online

​List of countries that have banned TikTok and why


The United Kingdom on Thursday banned TikTok on government phones on security grounds.

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In December 2022, the US banned TikTok on government devices and threatened to impose a complete ban, unless its Chinese owners, ByteDance, divest their stakes in it.

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New Zealand

New Zealand's parliamentary service has also announced its decision to ban the TikTok app on devices connected to government applications.

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Canada also announced that government-issued devices must not use TikTok soon after the US, saying that it presented an “unacceptable” risk to privacy and security.

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In December 2022, Taiwan imposed a public sector ban on TikTok after the FBI warned that TikTok posed a national security risk.

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Last week, Belgium announced it was banning TikTok from devices owned or paid for by Belgium's federal government over worries about cybersecurity, privacy, and misinformation.

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On March 6, Denmark’s Defense Ministry announced its decision to “ban the use of the app on official units” as a cybersecurity measure. It claimed that there was a risk of espionage.

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Pakistani authorities have temporarily banned TikTok at least four times since October 2020, citing concerns that the app promotes immoral content.

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Afghanistan's Taliban leadership also banned TikTok and the game PUBG in 2022 for very similar reasons to Pakistan, to prevent the youth from being misled.

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Being one of the earliest nations to ban TikTok in 2020, India banned (both private and government usage) TikTok and dozens of other Chinese apps, including the messaging app WeChat, over privacy and security concerns.

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