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By Neha Yadav
Published Mar 13, 2023

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Kimmel Roasts Smith-Rock Feud At Oscars

Oscars 2023 host Jimmy Kimmel delivered a monologue cracking jokes on the Will Smith and Chris Rock feud that transpired during Oscars 2022

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Oscars 2022 saw the most dramatic fallout between Will Smith and Chris Rock after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on the stage

The comedian started his monologue with an opening line, "Give me a second, I'll adjust my danger zone here"

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Kimmel added, "Five Irish actors are nominated tonight, which means the chances of another fight on stage went way up"

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Addressing the audience he said, "We want you to have fun, we want you to be safe, and most importantly, we want me to be safe"

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As the audience cracked up, he quipped, "If anyone commits an act of violence anytime during this show, you will be presented the Oscar for Best Actor and be permitted to give an 18-minute long speech"

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He also said that the Oscars now has a crisis management team and suggested, "Just do what you did last year- nothing. Sit there and do absolutely nothing. Maybe even give the assailant a hug"

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Kimmel concluded by saying that if anyone was tempted to get on the stage and slap someone, they will have to get through the celebrity audience like heavyweight champ, Adonis Creed, Spider-Man, etc

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