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James Wan Birthday Special: 5 Best Movies of the Director

By Rohit RajputFebruary 27, 2023
Image Credit: IMDb

Furious 7

One of the most emotionally charged entries in the Fast and Furious saga, Wan was able to bring us an entertaining action adventure that lives up to franchise's reputation.

Image Credit: Universal Pictures


Wan helmed DC's Aquaman that brough a great blend of fantasy and action with some truly spectacular effects. It's an enjoyable time that will certainly leave you entertained.

Image Credit: Warner Bros Pictures

The Conjuring

Kickstarting an entire horror universe, James Wan revolutionised horror for the modern age with the release of The Conjuring.

Image Credit: Warner Bros Pictures


A spectacular feature debut, Saw was a slasher that sees the Jigsaw Killer put his victims through some deadly games.

Image Credit: Lionsgate


By far Wan's most innovative work, Malignant is a crazy watch that won't leave your mind for a while. Gruesome and brutal, this is a treat.

Image Credit: Warner Bros Pictures