[ad_1] Inverter ACs: How they work, cost and other details

Inverter ACs: How they work, cost and other details

Mar 16, 2023

By: Gadgets Now Bureau

What is Inverter technology in ACs

Inverter technology in ACs acts as a controller for electric voltage, current and frequency. This allows inverter ACs to modulate the cooling or heating by manipulating power supply in the compressor.

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What are non-inverter ACs

The non-inverter ACs only have the option to turn on or off the compressor to adjust the temperature.

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Inverter vs non-inverter technology: The key difference

The major difference between them is the way they operate and handle the compressor of the AC to manage cooling and heating. The inverter ACs have the option to manipulate their operating capacity, while the non-inverter ACs can only function at a fixed capacity.

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Inverter ACs can prevent temperature from fluctuating

One of the main benefits Inverter ACs have over the conventional ACs is that they can keep the temperature constant, while the temperature with non-inverter ACs can vary.

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Inverter ACs are less harmful for environment

Modern inverter ACs use R32 refrigerants which not only offer better cooling capacity, but also release less harmful emissions.

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Inverter ACs are expensive, but more energy efficient

Inverter ACs are usually expensive compared to non-inverter ACs. However, their operating cost is relatively less in the long run just because they can operate at both high and low capacities as required.

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Inverter ACs are also relatively long lasting

ACs do last for at least a few years. However, just because of the operating method, the compressors in inverter ACs are more durable and last longer compared to non-inverter ACs.

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Inverter ACs are quieter compared to non-inverter ACs

Inverter ACs have relatively quieter operations over non-inverter ACs. Modern inverter ACs even feature a sleep mode or quiet mode as an option.

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Inverter ACs are high on maintenance

Inverter ACs may offer several advantages over conventional ACs. But with inverter ACs, the maintenance cost can be higher.

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