Inside Priyanka Chopra and retired stylist Law Roach's fall out

Sneha Singh

Mar 20, 2023

Business and friendship

Priyanka Chopra and ex-stylist Law Roach have worked together on more than one occasion

Bulgari event

They posed together at a Bulgari event last year where Roach accompanied her as her stylist

Party mode

Law Roach took to social media to share photos and videos from the event 

Celebrity stylist

Law Roach is best known for being Zendaya's stylist

Fashion genius

He is responsible for Zendaya's most iconic looks

2023 Oscars After-Party

Many of the iconic looks, such as Hunter Schafer's and Megan Thee Stallion's, from the night were styled by him 

Recent revelations

Priyanka Chopra recently revealed in an interview that she was body shamed by a stylist for not being 'sample size'

A huge step

Law Roach recently retired as a stylist which was a shock to people 

His side of the story

He revealed in an interview with The Cut that his "sample size" comment was taken out of context and his struggles of "being black and in fashion"