Inside Diana Penty’s modern house with a vintage vibe

Priyamm Dangi

 Mar 20, 2023

Love for mirrors

Diana Penty’s house features a lot of mirrors. One example is this rustic, wooden frame mirror

Old-world charm

From vintage-style windows to ceramic flooring, the house exudes old-world charm

Artistic pieces

We love the paintings on the wall and the pickle jars used as vases here!

Complementing colours

In this picture, the grey couch is complementing the white walls. Don’t miss the bookshelf, which also features some of her awards

Statement pieces

The other highlights of the house include long curtains, exposed brick walls and patterned tiles

A balcony for coffee breaks

The balcony in Diana’s house looks like the perfect space for a coffee break or to listen to chirpy birds

Glass doors

The glass doors create an illusion of extra space in the room, and are perfect to let all the sunlight in