Hidden Features Android Users Must Know Hidden Features Android Users Must Know

Hidden Features Android Users Must Know


By Atharv Sharma
Published Mar 05, 2023

Hindustan Times


One-handed mode

Credits: Unsplash

In Android, the top portion of the screen can be lowered using the One Handed mode so that your thumb can easily access it

Credits: Google

Since the entire UI can be compacted with just one swipe, this functionality is helpful while using the phone with just one hand

Credits: Pexels

Live transcribe

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Live transcribe is an accessibility feature that can help transcribe conversations in real time

Credits: Google

This feature is also useful for making notes and keeping a record of conversations

Credits: Unsplash

Smart lock

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Smart Lock detects your home location and instantly unlocks your phone's authentication lock for easy access. It activates the lock as soon as your location changes

Credits: Google

Enable spam protection

Credits: Google

Android offers a way to limit the amount of spam you receive by enabling the Spam Protection option present in the settings of Android's messaging app

Credits: Google Play Store

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