[ad_1] Grammarly CEO Rahul Roy Chowdhury has a personal mission. It's not what you think

Grammarly CEO Rahul Roy Chowdhury has a personal mission. It's not what you think

Mar 24, 2023

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Another Indian at the top

Rahul Roy Chowdhury has been named the upcoming CEO of online text editing platform Grammarly, joining the growing list of Indian-origin CEOs at global companies.

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Date of joining

Roy Chowdhury will assume his new role at the AI-based platform on May 1, replacing outgoing CEO Brad Hoover.

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"I joined Grammarly two years ago because of a deep belief in our mission to improve lives by improving communication. I’m honored to serve that mission in a new capacity," the new CEO said in a tweet.

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Making announcement about the decision, Hoover said in a blog post that Rahul is "mission-driven and fiercely user-focused", and has helped Grammarly "up-level as a company" during his two years there.

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There's a personal mission too

While Roy Chowdhury has his goals set for Grammarly, he is on a personal mission too.

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80s music

"One of Rahul’s big personal goals is to impart his love of ’80s music to his children," the Grammarly website mentions.

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Making inroads

The website also says that "he hopes he made an inroad recently with Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust.”" The song is among the most popular ones from the band.

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A peek into his education

Roy Chowdhury holds a BS in mathematics from Hamilton College, an MS in computer science from Columbia University, and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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