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Glowing skin, weight loss: Surprising benefits of watermelon

Apr 27, 2023

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Watermelon and summer

Watermelon goes hand in hand with summers, with the season of the sweet red food already in.

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Watermelon for health

Apart from being delicious, watermelon has a number of nutrients that are beneficial for health and skin.

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Glowing skin

Watermelon has plenty of water content that makes the skin supple and healthy. It is also packed with Vitamin C, which boosts collagen production making the skin glow.

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Weight loss

Hundred gram watermelon has just 30g calories, which means it won't harm you even if you consume a fair amount. The fibre and water content will also keep you full for a long time.

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Healthy heart

Watermelon is rich in lycopene, which is great for heart health. It also has no sodium and plenty of potassium, which is good for regulating high blood pressure or hypertension.

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Muscle soreness relief

Citrulline, an important amino acid found in the flesh of watermelons, regulates blood flow. This helps with relieving muscle soreness and gives hydration.

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Sharp eyesight

Lycopene in watermelon may also have eye benefits and may help prevent age-related macular degeneration. The Vitamin A in it also boosts healthy eyes.

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Anti-cancer effects

Plant compounds including lycopene and cucurbitacin E found in watermelon may have anti-cancer effects, as per various studies.

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