Get paid up to Rs 18 lakh for just moving to these countries | EconomicTimesGet paid up to Rs 18 lakh for just moving to these countries

Apr 29, 2023

Get paid up to Rs 18 lakh for just moving to these countries

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Ponga, Spain

Young couples who move to the village of Ponga in Spain will receive $3,600 or Rs 3 lakh, along with another $3,600 per child born in the village.

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Oklahoma, US

The city of Tulsa in Oklahoma, US will pay as much as $10,000 or around Rs 8,00,000 to remote workers to join their community.

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Albinen, Switzerland

Albinen, a town in Switzerland is offering expats under the age of 45 as much as 20,000 francs or around Rs 18 lakh per adult and 10,000 francs per child.

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The Government of Chile under its programme, Start-up Chile, gives equity-free investment to startups with unique business ideas.

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Ireland can be one of your best bets of you are trying to start a business as the country has a scheme called Enterprise Ireland that gave €120 million to startups in 2020.

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Antikythera, Greece

This picturesque island in Greece will provide you with land, house, and monthly stipend of about $565, or around Rs 45,000, for the first 3 years.

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Candela, Italy

The Italian village will pay Rs 75,000 to young bachelors and Rs 1 lakh to young couples to move and settle there.

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Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Italy

Young entrepreneurs will get paid for setting up their businesses in this ageing comune and hill town in the province of L’Aquila.

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