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From promotions to pay hike, Infosys HR shares some good news

Mar 20, 2023

By: ET Online

Positive outlook, from the HR

Infosys EVP and group HR head Krish Shankar said freshers today get promoted faster than a few years ago.

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Not just promotions

In an interaction with Times of India, Shankar, who has been at Infosys for 7 years, said freshers also get substantially higher salary hikes than before.

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90% hikes

Earlier, software engineer trainees used to get 50% salary hike over 3 years. "Now, given our early career rewards and accelerated growth, trainees get a 90 per cent increase in compensation over three years," he said.

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Roles diversified

IT services companies now are not only hiring freshers as software engineers, but in roles like digital engineers and power programmers, who get higher pay.

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Better CTC

"Power programmers make about Rs 6.2 lakh per annum when they join, and digital engineers make Rs 9 lakh," Krishnamurthy Shankar said in the interview.

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Fast-tracking promotions

Freshers can climb up to mid-career levels in 4 years now, as opposed to 7-8 years that was normal a few years ago, the HR head, set to retire Tuesday, said.

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Rewards for good work

"Our promotions have also become faster. If the candidate is really good, then the rise can happen in two years," Shankar added.

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There are now more diversified roles at IT companies. "So, the proportion of freshers joining at Rs 3.5 lakh is coming down,” he said.

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