Delicious Snacks To Have On A Rainy Day Delicious Snacks To Have On A Rainy Day

Delicious Snacks To Have On A Rainy Day


By Ada Kohli
Published March 24, 2023

Hindustan Times


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Bread Pakora

Easy to make at home, all you have to do is stuff some spiced potatoes or paneer in slices of bread, dip it in gram flour and deep fry it

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Rain and steamed hot momos are a great combination. You can order your favourite stuffed momos or try to make them at home

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Samosa And Tea

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Nothing beats the classic samosa and chai (tea) combination, especially during a cool rainy evening

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Cookies And Hot Cocoa

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If you are looking for something extra sweet, homemade soft cookies and a hot cup of cocoa would be an ideal rainy day snack for you

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Pyaz (onion), paneer (cottage cheese) and aloo (potato) pakoras are another perfect snack to have with tea on a rainy day

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