Chaitra Achar nails her Saniya Iyappan inspired photoshoot and how!

Chaitra Achar nails her Saniya Iyappan inspired photoshoot and how!

Team OTTplay

 Jan 20, 2023

Stunning new pics

Chaitra recently put up a series of images clad in a silk sari and sporting traditional jewellery

Inspired by greatness

Chaitra says that she was absolutely fascinated by a series of images by model and actress Saniya Iyappan

The original

This is the look that Saniya sported that Chaitra wanted to recreate

'Always try to experiment'

"When I do photoshoots, I try to experiment with looks that I usually don't do and may not be comfortable in"

'Same approach as with films'

"I get a satisfaction and thrill in doing these shoots because I approach them as I would my roles in films"

'Rush of happy hormones'

"I get this rush of happy hormones when I try a look and it comes out really well. All thanks to my team"

'My idea to recreate look'

"Usually my stylist and photographer come up with ideas, but this time, I decided on the look, because I loved it"

'Ethnic looks good on me'

"In general, ethnic looks good on me and I feel confident in it. With other outfits, I have to tell myself I look good"

'Exact copy of original'

"Since I loved the look, I was the one looking out for saris that would match to the original image. I tried to get everything that Saniya used"

'Really liked Saniya's work'

"I wouldn't shy away from saying that I liked Saniya's work and give her complete credit for this look"

Chaitra's tips on how to nail look

"Anybody who wants to do a photo shoot should just feel confident in what they sport - whether they are fully clothed or naked"

'Let your confidence speak'

"When you are comfortable facing the camera and what you are wearing, your audience will also feel it"

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