Apple Store employees earn Rs 1 lakh per month. This is why | EconomicTimesApple Store employees earn Rs 1 lakh per month. This is why

Apple Store employees earn Rs 1 lakh per month. This is why

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Apr 27, 2023

India's Apple

India's Apple

Apple has finally opened its flagship stores in India - one in Delhi and one in Mumbai - that are now up and running.

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To make its stores feel premium in every way, and this includes recruiting the right employees. Apple India stores have around 200 employees who can speak different languages.

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Huge salary

Industry executives said Apple is paying packages of well over Rs 1 lakh per month, ET reported recently.

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Higher than others

The salary packages that the employees are getting are more than 3-4 times the compensation in a similar role in other electronic stores, the report said.

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Highly qualified

Most of the shop-floor employees are highly educated, with degrees like Masters of science in information technology, MBA, B Tech in electrical engineering, computer science, packaging, robotics, automation engineering, or bachelors in computer application.

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Foreign university graduates

Some are even educated in foreign institutions like Cambridge or Griffith University, and then there are some expats managing the show who have been internally transferred from Apple store operations, the report said.

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More benefits

Apple's website says it offers health and wellness medical plans, paid leaves, tuition expenses for educational courses, stock grants and discounts when purchasing Apple stock, and employee discount for Apple products to its retail employees.

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How to apply?

"I had just submitted my resume on the website and got a call. Previously, I had the experience of sales so doing a job at store is not very different from what I was doing," an employee told ET.

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