Ananya Panday's secret to glowing skin revealed

Ananya Panday's secret to glowing skin revealed

Sushmita Barik

Mar 22, 2023

Glowing skin

Ananya Panday's flawless skin is enviable, and here are some of her beauty secrets

Homemade face mask

The actress uses a homemade face mask made of turmeric, curd, and honey

Rose water rinse

After applying the face mask, she rinses her face with fresh rose water

Makeup removal

Ananya never forgets to remove her makeup before going to bed

Hydration is key

She keeps her skin hydrated by applying moisturiser regularly

Sun protection

The actress shields her skin from harmful sun rays by applying sunscreen

Healthy diet

In addition to indulging in junk food, Ananya follows a healthy diet to maintain her glowing skin

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