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Posted By Neha Yadav
Published Mar 10, 2023

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All You Need To Know About H3N2 Influenza

A new virus H3N2 influenza is rampantly becoming a cause of concern in India as flu cases are rising rapidly

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H3N2 is a sub-type of Influenza A virus that causes viral symptoms like joint pain, cough, high fever, nausea and weakness

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In an interview with HT, Dr SK Chhabra said that the increase in viral infections and chest congestion shows the negative influence of seasonal change

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He added that pollution plays a significant role in increasing the number of patients affected by viral infections

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Dr Chhabra recommended individuals with chronic illnesses such as asthma to be cautious during weather shifts

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The expert advised children and adults affected with H3N2 influenza to obtain a prescription from a physician and take precautionary measures

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He noted that one must obtain an annual flu vaccination and regularly follow hand hygiene

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Dr Chhabra advised avoiding going to crowded places as the viral infection is on the rise and to quarantine oneself until the fever subsides

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