[ad_1] Airtel new postpaid family plan: Things to know

Airtel new postpaid family plan: Things to know

Mar 24, 2023

By: Priye Rai

New Airtel postpaid family plan is here

After Jio, telco giant Airtel has also rolled out new postpaid family plans priced at Rs 599 that come with various perks, including bundled OTT subscriptions.

Source: Agencies

Plan benefits

The plan offers unlimited calling, 100 SMS per day and 75GB mobile data for the primary user.

Source: Agencies

Data rollover

With this plan, you can carry over up to 200GB of unused mobile data into the next month.

Source: Agencies

Bundles Amazon Prime

Additionally, the plan includes an Amazon Prime subscription valid for six months.

Source: Agencies

Bundles Disney Hotstar

It also offers a free year-long Disney Hotstar Mobile subscription.

Source: Agencies

Other subscriptions

Other services such as XStream Mobile Pack and Wynk Premium are also bundled with it.

Source: Agencies

Add-on connection

To this family plan, you can add one more postpaid connection for free, which will get additional 30GB data.

Source: Agencies

More connections can be added for a price

Subscribers can further add up to nine connections to this family plan at Rs 299 each. Each new connection added will get 30GB data.

Source: Agencies

Other postpaid plans

Besides this one, Airtel has other postpaid family plans on offer at Rs 699, Rs 999, Rs 1,199, and Rs 1,499.

Source: Agencies

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