9 tips to help you boost your Instagram reach | Gadgets Now9 tips to help you boost your Instagram reach

Apr 29, 2023

BY: Gadgets Now Bureau

9 tips to help you boost your Instagram reach

Must switch to professional account

Switching to a professional Instagram account can help you see insights which can help you track the content that reaches more followers.

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Optimise your Instagram profile

Create a search-friendly username and if it’s too long, shorten it to a variation that your audience would recognise. Try to have a short but informative bio.

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Consistently post your content

Creating and posting content consistently can help you keep your followers engaged with your account.

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Schedule your posts in advance

You can schedule your Instagram posts according to your content insights and the time when your content gets maximum engagement from your followers.

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Collaborate with other content creators

Creating content with other influencers can help both of you to reach each others’ followers, leading to more engagement.

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Avoid fake Instagram followers

You may find many Instagram users who tend to indulge you in purchasing followers by paying other users to follow you. Advice: Stay away.

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Promote your Instagram

Share Instagram-specific content on other social media handles as well.

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Interact with your followers

You can post Instagram stories on a regular basis to get your followers engaged and interact with them using Q&A sessions, Polls and other features.

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Use as many relevant hashtags as possible

Hashtags related to your content and brand can help your non-followers who have the same content interests get jumped to your account more easily.

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