[ad_1] 8 Truecaller features Android users should not miss

8 Truecaller features Android users should not miss

Mar 17, 2023

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Smart SMS

Truecaller comes with a Smart SMS feature that helps users categorise the received messages automatically. With the feature enabled, the app groups messages into – promotional, spam, deliveries, payments, etc. separately so that no important message is missed.

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Urgent Messages

Flash Messages pop up on the users’ screen with high visibility, even if another app is not open. This feature aims to help the sender to get the receiver's attention for critical or time-sensitive messages with a custom notification.

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Edit sent chat message

The autocorrect can mess things up for you by automatically changing the words that you don’t intend to send someone. The chat messages can be edited at any time after sending, even after the receiver has viewed them.

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Share large-sized files

Truecaller allows users to send media files of up to 100MB file size. This can be photos, videos, docs or any other media.

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Password protect messages

Truecaller offers a feature called Passcode lock for messages for additional protection. Users can create a 4-digit PIN for messages along with that the app also gives users the option to use the biometric lock.

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Call Reason

The feature allows users to let users know the reason behind their call. The reason appears on the other person’s incoming call screen.

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Spam Blocking

Truecaller automatically identifies robocalls, telemarketers, scams, fraud, harassment,etc and blocks them. The app runs in the background to identify incoming calls or SMS and detect if it’s a known spammer.

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Smart Reminders

Smart Reminder feature automatically identifies the pending bills, due date, tickets, etc and notifies users beforehand.

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