6 Thrilling Scuba Diving Spots In The World 6 Thrilling Scuba Diving Spots In The World


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By Neha Yadav
Published Mar 21, 2023

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6 Thrilling Scuba Diving Spots In The World

Here are 6 spots in the world perfect for a thrilling scuba diving experience. Perform this water adventure under the supervision of a professional scuba diver

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Barracuda Point

Photo Credits: Flickr/Ludovic

Located near Sipadan Island in Malaysia, this spot is home to corals and barracuda fishes that are known for their tornado-like formation

Photo Credits: Flickr/Gingergeek

Tuamotu Archipelago

Photo Credits: Flickr/Pascal THOMAS

Situated in French Polynesia, this archipelago shelters spots like Fakarva and Rangiroa offering best underwater thrills for scuba divers

Photo Credits: Flickr/Dimitri Geier

Wolf and Darwin Islands

Photo Credits: Flickr/David Kirchhof

This spectacular site is situated on the fringes of the Galapagos archipelago in Ecuador. It offers scuba divers a thrilling encounter with hammerhead sharks

Photo Credits: Flickr/David Kirchhof


Photo Credits: Flickr/Sam YU

Scuba divers can spot splendid schools of sharks, barracuda, jellyfish and other pelagics in famous dive spots like the German Channel and Ulong Channel in Palau's barrier reef

Photo Credits: Flickr/kozy and dan kitchens

Anemone City

Photo Credits: Flickr/Ludovic

The tiny island of Alor in Indonesia shelters a huge field of anemones in different shapes, sizes and colours beneath its waters that are worth exploring

Photo Credits: Flickr/Martin Wippel

Richelieu Rock

Photo Credits: Flickr/Tyler Huston

This rocky spot is situated off the west coast of Thailand. It shelters a humongous diversity of marine life inside the reef. Pelagics like whale sharks, tuna mingle and manta rays are easy to spot here

Photo Credits: Flickr/Nicholas Chew

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