6 Delicious Foods To Prepare On Holi 6 Delicious Foods To Prepare On Holi


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By Neha Yadav
Published Mar 06, 2023

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6 Delicious Foods To Prepare On Holi

Holi is one of the fun-filled festivals that offers a variety of mouth-watering and savoury delicacies

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Here are 6 delicious foods you can prepare for the festival of colours

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Gujiya is a popular traditional sweet dish made from stuffed sweetened khoya mixed with garnished dry fruits and grated coconut

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Thandai is a traditional Holi drink that helps leave a cooling effect on the body. This refreshing drink is made by mixing dry fruits with chilled milk

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Dahi Bhalla

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Prepare Dahi Bhalla by soaking vadas in yogurt and topping them with tamarind chutney. Serve the sweet, sour and tangy Dahi Bhallas to your guests on Holi

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Dal Kachori

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This is one of the most popular snacks in North India. Prepare dal kachori with arhar dal, and spices and serve them hot to your friends and family

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Papri Chaat

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Papri Chaat is a crispy fried wafer-like snack topped with boiled potatoes, chickpeas, yogurt, and chutney. It is sweet, sour, and crispy to taste

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Malpua is a sweet dish similar to a pancake. Dip Malpua batter into the sugar syrup and then fry them until golden brown. Serve it with rabri to add taste

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How To Prepare To Step Out On Holi

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