6 Beaches In Kerala For A Perfect Getaway 6 Beaches In Kerala For A Perfect Getaway


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By Neha Yadav
Published Mar 24, 2023

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6 Beaches In Kerala For A Perfect Getaway

Here are some serene beaches in Kerala that are perfect for a getaway

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Varkala beach

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Also known as Papanasam beach, this beach with striking scenery is located in Varkala, lying at the bottom of far-stretched red cliffs overlooking the ocean

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Kuzhupilly beach 

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Located on the Vypeen islands of Kerala, this beach is known for splendid fish farms located on either side of it. Relish the tasty seafood served by locals here

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Kovalam beach

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The Kovalam beach is one of the largest beaches in Kerala made out of 3 beaches namely- Lighthouse beach, Hawa beach and Samudra beach

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Explore various adventure sports here and witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset. You can also enjoy a full meal in the beach-side shacks

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Muzhappilangad beach

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This drive-in beach is situated in the Kannur district of Kerala. This beach attracts birdwatchers as various species of migratory birds are spotted here

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Chavakkad beach

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This beach in Thrissur is known for Azhimukam, a place where the river and the sea meet. It has a picturesque view and is a perfect getaway destination

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Bekal Beach

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Bekal beach in the Kasargod district of Kerala is popular for its scenic beauty and old forts. Don't forget to try out the regional dish Payasam here

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