5 Snacks To Have With Tea During Navratri 5 Snacks To Have With Tea During Navratri


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By Neha Yadav
Published Mar 22, 2023

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5 Snacks To Have With Tea During Navratri

Here are some healthy snacks you can have with tea during your Navratri vrat

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Sabudana vada

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Make crispy sabudana vada by mixing sabudana with boiled potatoes. Add sendha namakĀ and cumin seeds to add flavour

Photo Credits: Flickr/Vinay Patel

Chickpea sundal

Photo Credits: Flickr/Radhika Subramaian

Prepare chickpea sundal using white peas, grated carrot and coconut mixed with sendha namak. Enjoy it as an evening snack with tea

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Aloo chaat

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Prepare vrat-friendly aloo chaat by boiling some potatoes, cutting them into small pieces and frying them in ghee. Sprinkle some sendha namak and add pomegranate seeds to it

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Paneer Tikka

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Make Navratri style paneer tikka at home by mixing diced paneer with sendha namak, lime and plain curd. Use skewers to cook paneer

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Roasted nuts and dry fruits

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Munch on roasted nuts and dry fruits mixed with sendha namak along with your tea during your Navratri upwas

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Vrat-Friendly Sabudana Bhel Recipe

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