5 Decor Tips For A Holi Party 5 Decor Tips For A Holi Party


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By Neha Yadav
Published Mar 02, 2023

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5 Decor Tips For A Holi Party

Here are some colourful decor ideas if you're planning to host a holi party

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Vibrant curtains

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Holi is a festival of colours and you can spruce up your decor using vibrant colourful curtains

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Light up your decor using colourful lights, string lights, or hang colourful lanterns from the ceiling to amp up your party spaceĀ 

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Rangoli designs

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Make colourful rangolis at the entrance to make the party look more inviting. You can also opt for flower petal rangolis to go eco friendly

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Opt for colourful flowers for decoration including marigolds as they will give a traditional touch to your space

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Photography corner

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Create a photography corner with colour pop background and fancy prop for your guests to pose and click pictures together

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Ways To Celebrate Holi

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