4 Exercises To Avoid During Periods 4 Exercises To Avoid During Periods

4 Exercises To Avoid During Periods


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Posted By Mehak Pal
Published Mar 24, 2023

In an interview with Healthshots, celebrity trainer Praveen Nair stated that one should avoid doing high-intensity exercises during periods, especially in the situation of fatigue

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Here are 4 exercises women should avoid during periods as suggested by Praveen Nair

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Intense cardio

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Performing intense cardio exercises during periods can result in heavy menstrual flow and can lead to stress 

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Heavy weight training

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According to Nair, one should avoid heavy-weight training during periods, especially if someone is experiencing menstrual cramps

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Inverted yoga pose

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Avoid practicing inverted yoga poses such as shoulder stand, head stand and plough poses during periods. Nair said that it can lead to vascular congestion in the uterus, which increases menstrual flow

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Avoid squats

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Avoid performing squats if one is experiencing pelvic pain as they may cause discomfort during periods

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