[ad_1] 11 Reasons why smartphones catch fire

11 Reasons why smartphones catch fire

Mar 16, 2023

By: Gadgets Now Bureau

​Know the warning signs

The first and the most obvious is a bulging or swollen battery. In the Bareilly incident too, the mobile's battery was swollen. If the battery swells up, junk the phone immediately.

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​Using a damaged phone

Never use a phone that is damaged or broken from somewhere. A cracked display or body frame may let water or sweat seep in the device or the battery and damage the internal components leading to a chemical reaction.

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Using fake or duplicate chargers

Be very careful of chargers you use. Always stick to the ones that come with your smartphones or go for company-certified chargers only. Never try to save money by buying cheap or duplicate chargers.

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Using third-party adapter, or mix-matching cables and adapters

It is always recommended to charge your smartphone with the original cable and adapter. Using a charger of any other brand may damage the battery of your smartphone. Third-party charging cables and adapters can overheat the device and lead to short circuits in the battery.

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Using damaged cables/cords

Take care of your cables. If the wire of your current charger is fraying or seems to have melted, it's time to get a new cable. Damaged wires can not only lead to charging issues but are also a fire hazard. Try not to wrap wires too tightly.

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Using third-party or fake batteries

This too is a big no. Never use third-party or fake batteries. Using such batteries can pose serious safety issues.

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Using car charging adapters to charge your phone

Using a power bank to charge your phone while driving is safer compared to using the car charging adapters. It may lead to a sudden surge of power that may cause your phone to explode.

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Too much overcharging your phone

It is not always necessary to charge your phone till 100%. It’s a good habit to stop charging the battery after 90% as this extends the lifespan of the battery. The damage, if caused, is usually caused after a long period of overnight charging.

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Using a power strip or extension cord

Charging your phone on a power strip or extension cord increases the risk of short circuits. Avoid charging your phone using these.

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Getting your phone repaired at local repair shops

Another big no is getting your phone repaired at local repair shops. Only go to authorised company service centres.

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​Overloading the phone’s chipset

Extreme usage with gaming and multi-tasking can cause the smartphone to heat up quickly. The main reason for the heat is the processor. To keep the devices safe, manufacturers add numerous cooling mechanisms for safety.

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