The Very Best History Memes Ever Found On The Internet

Those who fail to remember history are not only doomed to repeat it, but they also miss out on all the best historical memes available on the internet. Despite how boring everyone seems to find history class, hilarious historical memes and medieval reactions turn up in every corner of the internet. Just like the empires and colonizers of old, funny history memes manage to insert themselves into everything whether they were invited or not. Memes involving history, much like history according to Tumblr, thrive by imbuing the old with the new. A medieval painting with resolution worse than an old Simpsons episode suddenly becomes a DaVinci by simply adding some text referencing pop culture. People may not always identify with history, but they definitely respond to the jokes in these hilarious history memes.

  1. Use Your Noodle

  2. Man’s Best Friend

  3. Death Becomes Her

  4. Too Close For Comfort

  5. Getting The Job

  6. Sexy, But Make It Swanky

  7. Pan’s Lavatory

  8. Dr. Real Good

  9. When Portrait Mode Fails You

  10. Breaking My Back Just To Know Your Pain

  11. Here For The Merch

  12. Thanks But No Thanksgiving

  13. For The Hack Johnsons Out There

  14. Bombed It

  15. Vexed By The Text

  16. An Annoying Orange

  17. Getting Discovered

  18. Can’t Spell ‘Devil’ Without The D

  19. Do The Cupid Smackdown

  20. Objective Lost

  21. Soak Up Some History

  22. Yo, The Bible Thumps!

  23. The Land Before Google

  24. The Gall Of Man

  25. The Struggle Is Real

  26. God Save The Queen

  27. Extra-Holy Water

  28. Yes, Quite

  29. News Feed, Old Gifs

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