15 Celebrity Cheaters Who Later Got Cheated On

When cheat on each other, the world knows. As a drama-loving society, we’ve followed the stories of  cheaters and celebrities who were cheated on, so it only felt natural to compile a list of celebrities who fall into both categories. Nothing beats the schadenfreude of those  cheating scandals in which a cheater gets his or her comeuppance. All of the stories on this list involve some sort of karmic retribution in the form of a sexual indiscretion.
Some jilted lovers on this list decided to get back at their cheating partners themselves, whereas others had to wait for karma to work its magic. Some of these souls even watched as their partners got back with the fools they originally cheated on together. That’s some Circle of Life nonsense right there. 
Is cheating a terrible crime or a magical road to true love? Click through this list of celebrity cheaters who later got cheated on and discuss! 

Jennifer Lopez Cheated On Cris Judd Only To Be Cheated On Twice

The saga of Bennifer began just as it ended: in ignominy. In 2001, the world folded in on itself when J-Lo broke up with hubby Cris Judd only to start dating Ben Affleck. Fifteen years later, J-Lo seemed to get her just desserts when a slightly different handsome backup dancer, Casper Smart, cheated on her.

Jessica Simpson Cheated On Nick Lachey, Was Later Cheated On By Husband Eric Johnson

Jessica Simpson remained a virgin until her wedding night with Nick Lachey, but didn’t wait long afterwards before becoming a full-fledged sex maniac. Jackass star Bam Margera confirmed on Howard Stern’s radio show in 2006 that he and Simpson had hooked up while Simpson was still with Lachey. She is also rumored to have hooked up with Johnny Knoxville and Adam Levine while she was still with Lachey.
Six years later, Simpson’s second husband, Eric Johnson, was embroiled in a cheating scandal of his own – with his ex-wife Keri. Some sources also claim that he disappeared into some bushes with their nanny for two hours. Drama!

Notorious Cheater Frank Sinatra Was No Match for Fellow Cheater Ava Gardner

In Frank Sinatra’s heyday, he could have any woman he wanted – and he did, even while he was married to wife Nancy Sinatra. It seemed he’d turned a new leaf once he’d met his one great love, Ava Gardner, but he never predicted that he could be the one cheated on. After confiding to friends that Sinatra could no longer satisfy her sexually, Gardner ran off with a bullfighter.

David Duchovny Cheated On Téa Leoni A Billion Times; She Made Headlines By Cheating On Him Once

Despite forcing wife Téa Leoni to put up with his sex addiction for years, Californicationactor Duchovny divorced Leoni after a brief affair she had with Billy Bob Thornton.

Britney Spears Cheated On Justin Timberlake; Some Other Dude Cheated On Britney Spears

Who could cheat on the loveable Justin Timberlake?? Surely karma would bite that person in the butt one day, right? That’s exactly what happened to BritBrit, who cheated on JT in 2002 and later broke up with a new boyfriend in 2014 after videos surfaced of him cheating on her.

LeAnn Rimes Cheated On Her First Husband With Eddie Cibrian, Who Then Thanked Her By Having An Affair Of His Own

LeAnn Rimes and husband Eddie Cibrian started a fling in 2009 on the set of Northern Lights – while they were both married to other people. Cibrian’s wife at the time, Brandi Glanville rode her husband Eddie Cibrian’s cheating scandal with LeAnn Rimes all the way to a starring role on a reality show, so she wasn’t about to miss an opportunity to go public about her own cheating with Cibrian. She even went so far as to mail LeAnn proof of his indiscretions. LeAnn should have known about that whole “once a cheater, always a cheater” thing.

Madonna Cheated On Guy Ritchie; Some Other Guy Cheated On Her

Some boys kiss her, some boys hug her, and some boys cheat on her. Years after dodging rumors that she slept with ballplayer Alex Rodriguez while married to Guy Ritchie, Madonna quietly confided to a packed stadium in 2016 that her recent boyfriend had slept with her personal trainer of five years.

Sienna Miller Responded to Jude Law’s Cheating By… Cheating On Jude Law

Who can forget when Jude Law cheated on fiancee Sienna Miller with his nanny? He was one of the first dudes to cheat with his nanny, and he essentially turned it into a cool trend. With Law getting so much attention, it’s easy to forget that Miller got her own revenge by having a public affair with Layer Cakestar Daniel Craig.

Rob Kardashian Cheated On A Cheetah Girl, Got Cheated On By Blac Chyna

Six years after Rob Kardashian cheetah’d on Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon (The Cheetah Girls were a 2000s girl group), he’s now on the receiving end of a cheating scandal of his very own. The former cheater is playing the victim after girlfriend Blac Chyna reportedly hooked up with singer Pilot Jones.

Meg Ryan Cheated On Dennis Quaid, But He Wasn’t Innocent Either

Meg Ryan’s career took a hit in 2000 when reports surfaced of an affair she had with Proof of Life co-star Russel Crowe, but she publicly hit back in the later aughts with allegations that then-hubby Dennis Quaid had done his fair share of cheating too. The two share custody of a 16-year-old son.

Liz Taylor Cheated On Hubby #4, Was Cheated On By Hubby #5

Not even Liz Taylor could keep up with her many loves, so the one-time Cleopatra can be forgiven for temporarily forgetting that she was married to Eddie Fisher. After cheating on him with Richard Burton, Liz had to then put up with Burton cheating on her – like, a billion times.

Paris Hilton Cheated On Nick Carter; He Got Back By Cheating With Ashlee Simpson

Despite claiming to be a virgin for much of her life, Paris Hilton exhibited quite different behavior when she cheated on Nick Carter with House of Wax co-star Chad Michael Murray. (This is widely believed to be the only entertaining storyline to come out of that movie.) Carter got back at her by sleeping with yet another galling wannabe singer, Ashlee Simpson.

Jon Gosselin Definitely Cheated On Kate Gosselin, And Was Later Cheated On By New Girlfriend

Jon Gosselin has denied for forever and ever that he cheated on Kate Gosselin, but no one believes him. On a 2014 episode of Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn, Jon’s girlfriend Liz Jannetta not only called him out on his lying but also admitted to cheating on him. It was the perfect schadenfruede for anyone who hates Jon Gosselin – which is literally everyone.

Tori Spelling Cheated With Dean McDermott, Who Then Cheated On Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling’s first husband Charlie Shanian found out she cheated from a supermarket tabloid, so it only felt right that she later found out about hubby Dean McDermott’s infidelities from a Brandi Glanville podcast. McDermott had cheated on Spelling before, but the straw that broke the cheater’s back came in the form of McDermott’s second cheating scandal… with his ex-wife that he had cheated on in the first place.

Kim K and Ray J Completed Some Sort Of Natural Cycle By Cheating On Each Other

Kim K made a big stink about being cheated on by Ray J when she was younger, but it turns out their arrangement worked both ways. Kim K’s just such a good crier that people believed she was the only victim in the relationship.