Tokyo Ghoul: CCG Ranking System Explained and Character Ranks

The CCGs exist to safeguard humanity in a world where flesh-eating ghouls live among the human population.

The Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) is a federal agency tasked with investigating and solving ghouls related crimes.

To join the CCG, applicants must have graduated from a Ghoul Investigator Training Academy or Ghoul Countermeasures Training Center.

Similar to a military force, the CCG has a structured ranking system that defines an investigator’s authority and skill level.

Graduates from the academy start as rank three investigators and work their way up the ranks to become special-class investigators.

Here is an overview of the Commission of Counter Ghoul Ranking System.

The CCG Ranking System Explained

Tokyo ghoul CCG logo

The CCG is divided into two main divisions: The Ghoul investigator and the Bureau investigator.

The Ghoul Investigators are specialized experts tasked with tracking down, containing, and eliminating ghouls to protect the civilians of Japan. They are usually referred to as Doves by the ghouls.

Under normal conditions, only Academy graduates are qualified to become ghoul investigators and start as Rank 2 Investigators.

However, rare exceptions do exist where the officer starts out as a Rank 3 Investigator.

Then there are the Bureau Investigators who work at the CCG’s offices and deal mostly with paperwork.

They only join the front lines in dire situations as backups for the ghoul investigators.

The Bureau Investigators are trained at the Ghoul Countermeasures Training Center.

After graduating, they are sent to a branch office in one of Tokyo’s wards and start their career as Rank 3 investigators.

The ranking system primarily impacts Ghoul Investigators since Bureau Investigators hardly ever rise above rank 3.

Rank influences various facets of an investigator’s career, including their level of responsibility, access to dangerous missions and targets, rate of pay, and much more.

The investigator rank is divided into two separate categories: The senior and junior Investigator.

As the term suggests, the senior investigators are highly experienced officers.

While Junior investigators are subordinates, who are still in the training phase. They are strong in some areas but are restricted to take on certain missions and targets.

Senior investigators’ rank starts at first class through the special class. In contrast, junior investigators begin at ranks 3 through 1.

CCG Investigator Ranks in Order

Below is a list of the investigator ranks from lowest to highest.

  1. Rank 3
  2. Rank 2 (Third Class)
  3. Rank 1 (Second Class)
  4. First class
  5. Associate Special Class
  6. Special Class

6. Rank 3

Ippei Kusaba
Ippei Kusaba

This rank is majorly held by Bureau investigators. They start their career and hardly ever rise beyond this rank.

They spend their days at the CCG’s offices majorly doing the paperwork for the agency and only join the front line in dire situations as backups for the ghoul investigators.

Ghoul investigators who start their career at rank 3 are considered “exceptional cases,” appointed without undergoing official training at the academy.

5. Rank 2 (Third Class)

Saiko Yonebayashi with her hammer of justice
Saiko Yonebayashi with her hammer of justice

Ghoul investigators majorly start their career at rank 2 after graduating from the Ghoul Investigator Training Academy.

They are relatively new to the force and are usually partnered with a senior investigator.

These investigators must build up strength, accumulate experience, and achieve various amazing feats to be liable for a promotion.

4. Rank 1 (Second Class)

Kichimura Washuu
Kichimura Washuu

This is the highest rank assigned to a junior investigator. They are usually officers with experience but not yet at the pinnacle of their careers.

Rank 1 investigators still have a long way to grow and become senior investigators of the special class. They can’t even take on an A-rated Ghoul.

On average, rank 1 investigators are usually around twenty-seven years old when assigned this rank.

3. First class

Nobu Shimoguchi
Nobu Shimoguchi

We’ve now reached the ranks of the big shots. The first class is the lowest rank assigned to a senior investigator.

They are exceptionally skilled officers who are frequently in charge of training juniors but are also capable of handling themselves in a fight.

They can successfully take on C-rated through S-rated ghouls alone, which is no small accomplishment.

Few investigators advance past this rank and reaching it before their thirties is considered the benchmark for an extraordinary investigator.

2. Associate Special Class

Shiki Kijima
Shiki Kijima

This is the second highest rank in the agency, usually attained by a few number of investigators.

They possess the authority to oversee operations and manage certain wards as required.

Investigators of this level are usually able to take on SS-Rated and SSS-Rated Ghouls, second only to special-class investigators.

1. Special Class

Kishou Arima
Kishou Arima

This is the highest possible rank in the CCG agency, attained by a relatively tiny fraction of investigators.

The Special class investigators are usually on an entirely different level from all other investigators.

They are regarded as the strongest of all investigators and oversee the day-to-day operations of their assigned wards.

They frequently take part in official agency meetings, where their opinions are heavily weighted. We also get to see them in action now and then.

What Rank Is Ken Kanaki as an Investigator?

Kaneki as a CCG Investigator
Kaneki as a CCG Investigator

At some point in the series, Kaneki lost his memory after being defeated and captured by Arima, a special-class investigator.

He was granted a new identity and began working as an investigator for the CCG under the name Haise Sasaki.

Haise quickly ascended the ranks during his brief tenure as an investigator, acquiring the moniker Black Reaper while becoming an Associate Special Class Investigator.

Later, after regaining his memories and accepting himself as Kaneki, he left the agency to rule the ghouls as the One-Eyed King.

CCG’s Investigator Character Rank Table

Characters Ranks
Koutarou Amon Special Class Investigator (Defected)
Kiyoko Aura Special Class Investigator
Kousuke Houji Special Class Investigator (Dead)
Fujishige Iba Special Class Investigator (Retired)
Iwao Kuroiwa Special Class Investigator
Itsuki Marude Special Class Investigator
Yukinori Shinohara Special Class Investigator (Resigned)
Juuzou Suzuya Special Class Investigator
Mougan Tanakamaru Special Class Investigator (Resigned)
Koori Ui Special Class Investigator
Mikito Urie Special Class Investigator (Dead)
Matsuri Washuu Special Class Investigator
Tooru Mutsuki Special Class Investigator
Ken Kanaki | Haise Sasaki Associate Special Class Investigator (Defected)
Arine Associate Special Class Investigator (Dead)
Daisuke Atou Associate Special Class Investigator (Dead)
Mutsumi Chino Associate Special Class Investigator (Unknown Status)
Chuu Hachikawa Associate Special Class Investigator (Dead)
Shiki Kijima Associate Special Class Investigator (Dead)
Akira Mado Associate Special Class Investigator (Defected)
Kasuka Mado Associate Special Class Investigator (Dead)
Taishi Fura Associate Special Class Investigator
Kuki Urie Associate Special Class Investigator
Naoto Hayashimura First Class Investigator
Take Hirako First Class Investigator (Defected)
Ayumu Hogi First Class Investigator
Hairu Ihei First Class Investigator (Dead)
Kenta Isai First Class Investigator
Juuji Isoyama First Class Investigator
Kuramoto Itou First Class Investigator
Yukio Kurodawara First Class Investigator (Dead)
Kureo Mado First Class Investigator (Dead)
Keijin Nakarai First Class Investigator
Niharu First Class Investigator (Dead)
Ryouta Ooshiba First Class Investigator (Dead)
Nobu Shimoguchi First Class Investigator (Dead)
Hirokazu Tainaka First Class Investigator
Hidenori Tateshima First Class Investigator
Yanagi First Class Investigator
Yusa Arima First Class Investigator
Hanbee Abara Rank 1 Investigator
Tomonori Akai Rank 1 Investigator (Dead)
Ching-Li Hsiao Rank 1 Investigator
Takeomi Kuroiwa Rank 1 Investigator
Tougo Kurumatani Rank 1 Investigator
Katsuya Mabuchi Rank 1 Investigator
Shinji Michibata Rank 1 Investigator (Dead)
Miyuki Mikage Rank 1 Investigator
Okahira Rank 1 Investigator (Defected)
Shion Satomi Rank 1 Investigator (Dead)
Ryuuta Sawaike Rank 1 Investigator (Dead)
Shunichi Shibashi Rank 1 Investigator (Dead)
Mizurou Tamaki Rank 1 Investigator
Kichimura Washuu Rank 1 Investigator (Dead)
Miho Toga Rank 1 Investigator (Dead)
Fuuma Yukimichi Rank 1 Investigator
Waka Asachi Rank 2 Investigator (Dead)
Shinsanpei Aura Rank 2 Investigator (Defected)
Haru Fujimi Rank 2 Investigator
Misato Gori Rank 2 Investigator
Shougo Kukiyama Rank 2 Investigator
Sakino Mura Rank 2 Investigator (Dead)
Yasuhito Nezu Rank 2 Investigator (Dead)
Jun Numa Rank 2 Investigator (Dead)
Yuuta Okamochi Rank 2 Investigator (Dead)
Ginshi Shirazu Rank 2 Investigator (Dead)
Erina Tagata Rank 2 Investigator (Dead)
Seidou Takizawa Rank 2 Investigator (Defected)
Hina Tougi Rank 2 Investigator (Dead)
Masami Umeno Rank 2 Investigator (Dead)
Saiko Yonebayashi Rank 2 Investigator
Toujou Rank 2 Investigator
Touma Higemaru Rank 3 Investigator
Ippei Kusaba Rank 3 Investigator

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