The Funniest Horse Puns in the Barn

Admit it, you’ve been horsing around on the internet all day at work, haven’t you? Why stop now when you have the internet’s best collection of funny horse pun memes staring you right in the face? These are horse word play puns at their finest and they’re guaran-steed to make you laugh.

If you like horses, bad jokes, and memes, well you’ve come to the right place, because these horse memes will do the trick. Just don’t get mad if you’re a little hoarse from laughter when you’re done.

Sometimes It’s the Little Things

Sea-ing is Believing

Feeling Giddy

Power Trip

Foals Rush In

From the Horse’s Mouth

Yer a Horse, Harry

This Has to Be Russia

Stable Lady

Maybe Not the Best Idea

Nae Caught Me Whipping

Stop Loafing Around

The Long and Short of It

Unstable Dictator

Fur Trade

High Times

When Horses Fly