The Best Animal Memes

Animal memes are roaming all over the grassy plains of the internet. Lucky for us, they’ve got a wild (see what I did there?) sense of humor. In a world of pun dogs, evil raccoons, friendly pandas, and flirtatious ducks, Grumpy Cat still rules the animal meme kingdom. But it’s survival of the fittest here. Every four-legged creature is not only marking their territory, but they’re also trying to claw their way to the top. You can help us and the world determine which meme is the best animal meme on this list and the king of the Internet jungle.

Terrible Tiger

Grumpy Cat

Pun Dog

Relief Seal

There’s No Need for This


I Don’t Get It

Hate the Game, Not the Hamster


Science Humor

Unpopular Opinion Puffin