Taxi Driver Season 2 Episode 9 Sneak Peak: Here’s What to Expect

Taxi Driver Season 2 is an ongoing K-drama by SBS. It is the second season which premiered on February 17, 2023. It is a drama adaptation of a successful webcomic named Mobeomtaxi by Carlos and Lee Jae Jin.

Taxi Driver Season 2 is a hit series like the previous season. With the release of the first episode, it gained the highest viewership. It has become one of the most-watched series in any genre. It stars known actors such as Lee Je Hoon, Kim Eui Sung, Pyo Ye Jin, Jang Hyuk Jin, and Oh Ha Joon.

Taxi Driver is an action thriller series that follows the stories of victims of crimes such as human trafficking, murder, rape, and corruption in each episode. The Rainbow Taxi service assists people who have lost all hope in obtaining justice. Kim Do Gil, Jang Seong Cheol, Ahn Go Eun, Gyeong Gu, and Park Jin Eon are part of Rainbow Taxi service.

What is happening in Taxi Driver Season 2 Episode 9?

In episode 9, Kim Do Gi has the important Cotaya Police File, a prosecutor handed over to Jang Sung Chul. Ha Joon visits Do Gil and discover the photos in the Cotaya files inside his room. He gets caught by Do Gil but makes an excuse, which makes Do Gi suspicious of him.

The next day Ha Joon threatens Superintendent Park why he didn’t inform about the Cotaya files getting into the hands of Do Gil and Rainbow Taxi service. Kim Do Gil is on duty and has dropped off a nurse at the hospital. He saw a man carrying posters and protesting against the hospital’s director. The director gives some money to the man to eat something. He keeps protesting for killing his daughter with the wrong procedure.

Taxi Driver Season 2 Episode Still (Credits: SBS)

Rainbow taxi has a new mission, and the man from the hospital is looking for justice for his daughter. He tells the story of Han Su Ryeon, his daughter’s surgery. The surgery is simple, according to the hospital, and she will be fine in a few days. The surgery was successful, but she went into a coma. The father requested access to the security camera footage. There was a court case about it, and the verdict was that it was due to the effects of anesthesia, and the hospital could not be held liable.

Kim Do Gi intends to sneak into the hospital to review the medical and surgical reports. He was able to enter the hospital and retrieve the old files with the assistance of Go Eun. He wants to check the operating room to find out more.

Sneak Peak into Taxi Driver Season 2 Episode 9

Taxi Driver Season 2 Episode Still (Credits: SBS)

He enters the operation department deftly disguised as a doctor. Something seemed fishy; the area has a sensor that tracks the presence of cameras. The siren sounds due to the hidden camera in Do Gi’s glasses.

Kim Do Gin take a risky step to admit to the hospital as a patient with the same symptoms as Han Su Ryeon. They plan to secretly record what is happening during the operation through the hidden camera. Ahn Go Eun is ready to stop the siren and record the scene. Kim Do Gil is given anesthesia on the operating table. The assigned doctor leaves, but a mysterious doctor enters from a hidden room.

What will happen next in Taxi Driver Season 2 Episode 10?

A mysterious man appears in the operating room. Kim Do Gi senses that man is the key to the truth. The team will work together to reveal medical malpractice inside the hospital under the guidance of the director.

While looking into the old files hacked by Go Eun, she discovers the dark secret of the director Ahn Young Suk. Meanwhile, Ha Joon intends to murder Do Gil by blowing up his taxi.

The next episode will uncover many mysteries related to the case, especially Ha Joon. The unexpected death of Do Gil will shock everyone except Ha Joon.

Where to watch Taxi Driver Season 2?

Taxi Driver Season 2 episodes are viewable on the SBS network channel in Korea. It is accessible on the streaming platforms Viki and Viu.

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