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33 People Who Got Tattoos of Their Pet

Are you a shameless cat lady, hardcore dog fan, or just all-around such close buds with your pet that you wish you could take them with you everywhere? All you need is to be inspired by one of these pet tattoos below! This kind of animal ink is perhaps the simplest vehicle for sharing the […]

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The Best Dog Breeds for Families

Everyone has their favorite dog breed, but what’s the best breed to bring into your home if you have kids? Of course, the very best thing you can do is adopt a dog, making sure that the animal is good with kids beforehand. But if you have your heart set on a particular breed, there […]

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27 Dogs Who Are Terrified of Cats

 Are dogs really scared of cats? Sure are. Have you ever had one of those completely irrational fears that you can only hope and pray you’re never forced to confront in front of your friends? Perhaps you’re a guy with muscles that could make a Marvel superhero jealous, but curl into a tiny ball and […]

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Fascinating Photos Of What Dog Breeds Looked Like 100 Years Ago Vs Today

Selective breeding means many of the dog breeds that are around today no longer look anything like what dogs used to look like. Since the first dog was domesticated some 30,000 years ago, people have purposely bred certain types together in order to select for very particular traits. Over thousands of years this has led to a […]

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The 40+ Best Dog Memes

There’s a lot of truth to the old saw about dogs being man’s best friend. Funny dog pictures are right up there with funny cat pictures in terms of internet popularity, and dog memes are more prevalent now than they ever have been before. 1. Jamie Jones/ BuzzFeed 2. Becky Barnicoat/ BuzzFeed 3. Maritsa Patrinos/ […]

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29 Guilty Dogs Who Were Totally Caught in the Act

There is no need for a trial in a dog courtroom. As you’ll clearly see by the funny dog pictures below, these dogs are guilty as charged. These funny photos of dogs caught in the act destroying things are a classic Internet case of “shock and aww.” It is your job as the judge and jury to […]

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People Are Using Their Dogs As Guards When At The ATM And It's As Funny As It Is Fierce

Among the best guard dogs for families are ATM protection dogs. With the rise of crime, and ATM crimes in particular, bringing your dog for his walk as you pull money out the bank is really a common sense move. It not only takes care of two errands at once, but also pretty much guarantees […]

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40 of the Most Hilarious Dog Shaming Photos Ever

We love our fuzzy animal friends, but sometimes they really make a mess of things! No matter how many times they ruin our carpet or destroy our favorite pair of shoes, we still love them more than anything. Here we’ve gathered an adorable collection of dog shaming pictures that demonstrate the the fact that everybody […]

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Pets Who Have Never Heard of Privacy

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to live with a cat or dog, you probably already know that there are certain sacrifices involved. You see, as these pets are here to demonstrate, both dog and kitty kind seem to have their own set of rules when it comes to things like social etiquette. The word “privacy,” for […]

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40 Dogs Who Love Going Camping

Love camping? Love dogs? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you’re sure to love the list below. If you said “yep” to both of them however, get ready to have your mind blown! You see, we’ve assembled a collection of some of the cutest, funniest, and all around most adorable pictures […]