Spot-On Memes About Wearing Glasses

People without glasses tend to turn a blind eye to the daily issues of those who do, but these memes about wearing glasses should help open their eyes to the struggles of eyewear. The constant squinting, lens cleaning, and inability to drink coffee without losing your sense of sight all provide daily hurdles to people with glasses. You don’t need 20/20 vision to see the worst things about wearing glasses.

Even celebrities who wear glasses and only rock the best eyewear brands will inform you that wearing glasses sucks. It’s time for people with perfect vision to open their eyes to the world of glasses wearers, and the next to you see one, give them a hug. Not too hard, you don’t want to break their glasses. And if you can’t see why wearing glasses is such a struggle, perhaps you need your eyes checked, too.

When It Rains, It Pours

Steaming Cup Of Coffee

Pho Real!

Eye Have No Idea

The Ugly Truth

Smudge Life

Sun Of A B*tch!

Blind Justice

Coming Clean

Taking It Lying Down

You Don’t Say!

The Last Line Of Defense

Previously On Lost

Life Goals

Seeing Is Believing

Screen Test

Balls Of Fury

Nice To Finally Meet You

Show And Tell, Minus The Show

Umm… Dude?

Blinding Me With Science

The Long And Short Of It

Poor Pam